BC Activity Reports NEW

2022/09/23 [BRIDGE CLUB Atlanta]
BC Atlanta Participates in JapanFest
2023/05/28 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
BCIN provides groceries and daily needs to old age homes
2023/05/16 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
BCIN Organised Mental Health Awareness Session
2023/04/06 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
Phase 2: Ramadan Monetary Drive 2023 Completion
2023/03/23 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
Phase 1: Ramadan Ration Drive '23 Completion
2023/03/15 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
Prep for Ramadan Drive '23
2022/12/17 [BRIDGE CLUB Nepal]
Executive Committee Online Meeting
2023/03/10 [BRIDGE CLUB Maldives]
Maahefun 1444
2022/05/30 [BRIDGE CLUB Australia]
Road trip day 2!
2023/03/09 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
Group project (CA 2022) - Making plant pots
2023/03/01 [BRIDGE CLUB Maldives]
Common Activity Kickstart
2023/02/21 [BRIDGE CLUB Hawaii]
"Peace on Your Wings" Luncheon and Musical
2022/12/29 [BRIDGE CLUB Maldives]
Annual General Meeting
2022/06/04 [BRIDGE CLUB Maldives]
Evening Tea party
2023/01/29 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
Discussion and Ideas for group project