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BC Activities Report


2019/12/12 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
A reunion in Mumbai
2019/12/05 [BRIDGE CLUB Taiwan]
The orientation of the 32ed APCC delegation
2019/12/02 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
JA Orientation & Training Program - Bridge Summer Camp 2020
2019/12/02 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
6th Ramadan Drive '19
2019/11/25 [BRIDGE CLUB Myanmar]
Activities on Myanmar National Day



2019/08/04 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
Tree Plantation Drive
2019/11/20 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
BC India visits conducts a donation drive in Ambala, Haryana
2019/08/27 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
BC India meets to discuss PA experience and the path ahead
2019/08/18 [BRIDGE CLUB Japan]
Common Activity1 and BCJ activity
2019/07/16 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
Team India arrives at Fukuoka, Japan